Saturday, February 5, 2011

The girl who whistles blew my mind away

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I am back from the unplanned hiatus with a good bye poem that I wrote under the influence of some wine. No rework no corrections and no improvisations. I just put those things that came to my imaginative mind and I came with a poem full of flaws but true to the last word. At the end of it I was wondering if wine can do what it has done to an amateur writer like me what not can it do to seasoned players, I mean the real poets and the lyricist. I guess it elevates their writing skills helping them churning out beautiful words after words right from their heart. So here it goes.

It’s titled ‘The girl who whistles just blew my mind away’

Date: 09/01/2011

Time: Somewhere between 2 and 3 am.

She is the only girl I know who can whistle
She is the one who blew my mind away
She is the one who captured my imagination
She is the one whose thoughts I fight against
She is the girl who whistles

She is the one whom I always tried to impress
She is the one who comes to my mind as the first thought of the day
She is the last thought too before I converge into my dreams
She is the one whom I would like to dream about
She is the girl who whistles

She is the one I desired to make her mine
She is the one I wanted to be a part of
She is the one I wanted my life to be measured with
She is the one I wanted to mother my children
She is the girl who whistles

She is the one I tried hard to convince
She is the one I always wanted to win over
She is the one I care about
She is the one for whom I dared to do anything
She is the girl who whistles

She is the one whom I love unconditionally
She is the one who never tried to see it
She is the one who never gave in
She is the one who never gave me a chance
She is the girl who whistles

She is the one I try to forget now
She is the one against whom I fail miserably
She is the one with whom I want to find my peace
She is the one I want to let go
She is the girl who whistles

She is the one I don’t want to disturb
She is the one I want to see happy
She is the one who deserves good things
She is the one who doesn’t want me
She is the girl who whistles

She is the girl who can whistle
She is the girl who blew my mind away
She is the girl who is far away
She is the one….
She is the girl who whistles

Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Women's Day

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This World is a better place because of the presence of women.
Mother,Sister,Daughter,Friend of Wife oops Friend or Wife they add meaning to our existence.
They bring love to our life.

Wishing all the superior beings a happy women's day

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Choose your title

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I asked my friend to give the title for the post and this is what he has provided. He is the ardent fan whom i have mentioned in the post.You can choose the one you like as i found it too difficult to choose one myself ;)
Thanks Babu.

1)The run machine that never depreciates…
2)21 Years, 93 Centuries, 31045 runs, ONE Man…!
3)Tendulkar – Passion and Perfection personified…
4)The 36-Year old youngster
5)No wonder Bradman saw himself in Sachin…
6)The Maverick who never ceases to amaze…

November 9 2009, Deccan, Hyderabad; Australia had put 350/4 on the board in 50 over’s. Out came Sachin and Sehwag to chase the huge score in a pitch that was a batting beauty. They reached the first fifty in blistering pace and when it was just before the ninth over could be completed Sehwag departed when the score card read 66. sachin who was playing the second fiddle so far stepped up to take the centre stage and what followed was a match winning innings which was not to be due to some pathetic cricket from his team mates. Then he had a chance to reach the magical figures of 200 and I was keeping my fingers crossed just like anyone who was following the match. I even messaged my friend who is an ardent fan of the little master that this is going to be his only chance to claim the highest score in ODI and a double hundred. And against the worlds best team would be another reason to be proud of. But it ended up as a far cry as Mckay claimed his wicket with a slower one, caught by Hauritz at short fine leg when he went for his poodle swoop. It was an innings of a lifetime and I thought he might not get another opportunity to get hold of that coveted record of highest one day score that he deserves to have against his name.Now when i look back i realize how wrong a judgment it was.Champions don't wait for the opportunity, they just make it.

Three months hence it was a different opponent, a much better bowling attack indeed, a different venue and a different situation. He walked with his same old partner who departed with just 25 on board. This time around he was on the front foot on the attacking mode, his runs never coming down the number of balls faced. Shots bludgeoned, flicks clicked, drives caressed he was in his elements finding the boundary almost in all the overs. Bowlers toiled but were shown no mercy; they were literally taken to the cleaners, even the good deliveries were shown the ropes. As he went past 150 everyone’s eyes set the chances on his career best which was 186. when he crossed that landmark the heart started pounding heavily wanting him to beat the highest score of 194 in ODI and when that was achieved everyone wanted nothing short of the 200 and the little master obliged. He reached the magical figure of 200 in the last over of the innings with a single and thanked the heavens which he always does reaching the three figure mark. It was like a fitting script to have no other than his captain at the other end of the pitch to congratulate him. What an achievement this one is. As sanjay manjrekar rightly put it, no one else deserved it more.

Now he has shown the way that many might follow but then we only remember Neil Armstrong of the very few who landed in the moon. He has shown that 200 is achievable but anyone who intends to take the route need to understand that it demands determination, allegiance and commitment of the highest order that this champ demonstrated all his career. Even the worst of critics who would have shoveled undeserving criticism all his life will consider this as a moment of pride. All the comparisons of this magician whose wand is the bat, with his contemporaries should be a matter of the past from here on as he has ventured into a unique kingdom where no one dares to step in.

The final gesture at the presentation ceremony to dedicate his efforts to the people of India shows the humility in him revealing the humble nature of this man. Twenty long years of carrying the expectation of an entire nation in an insouciant manner this genius has brought moments of joy in millions of lives all around the globe. His love for the game is unfathomable for that’s what in my conviction keeps him go on and on. The only record that eludes him at this point in time is highest score in test cricket and I wish him like most of his fervent fans break that record too. Lara, your record holds for some more time until the little champ gets over it ;)

Sachin, thanks for twenty years of good solid cricket. Go on and on and on.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

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Its February 14th again and it has been never been special for me for I don’t see it any special day than a normal day. The couples going out and the politicos making their presence felt has been the order of the business lately. Valentines Day as I see it is a cultural bug that enamored the Indian youngsters and politicos alike for their own reason is a bi product of globalization. I have been smitten by that bug too. Its better to run with the crowd than to be the odd one out, isn’t it? ;)

This Valentine’s Day I got few confessions to make. First confession is to my first girl friend. I have never gone public about my feelings for her. I have never told her that I loved her and neither did she. Sometimes you don’t need words to tell someone how much they are loved and cared. Calls when you wake up, calls when you have your breakfast, calls when you are at work, calls when you are on the go just reminds you that you are always there in her mind and you never get tired of it no matter what. We have confrontations, arguments, opposition, and disagreement over trivial things and I still do remember the days when I used to get all the bashings from her. Despite all odds we are still going strong just like the way we started twenty seven years back. Yes I love my mom, my first girl friend. No matter how many ever followed no one could come closer to better her (showing off that I too had my chances ;)
I love you mom for what you are and for all the love you showered. Though we are not in great deal of terms at the moment I look forward to make amends soon to get back in terms.

The next confession is to my old man. Despite carrying the grudge and vengeance of all the bashings and knuckles I was tendered by him I can’t deny the fact that it made the man what I am today. With the consolation that he is not going to read this one I can tell out loud “papa I love you”. It’s a bit embarrassing, but it’s ok ;)

Over to my brother who gave me tough time snatching the love and attention off me when growing up and still continuing to call over jealousy when mom says something like “the house is empty when this crack goes out” notwithstanding my obvious presence. I love you bro.

Now to the real confession ;)
To the girl I gave my heart and occupy my mind and stays in my thoughts without paying any rent I got to tell her only one thing. I love you and I meant it every time I said that. You will be missed big time.I dont know whether i will have another valentines day to confess ;)

With the cliché last but not the least I ponder upon my friends without whom I am incomplete. Thanks for all the time you shared with me bearing all my nonsense. I love you all and it’s only with you guys that I can tell this without the slightest of hesitancy. I love you guys for all that you gave me.

To the seen, unseen, acquainted, left, staying, lingering, I LOVE YOU ALL.

Wish you all a happy valentines day :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


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I happened to meet a friend of mine yesterday and decided to check into an hotel nearby for a bite.We sat down in the Air conditioned (AC) segment of the hotel as the non AC segment was completely occupied.

We ordered for a cheese san-veg,a grape juice and a milk shake.As we finished our food the electronically printed bill was passed on.To my surprise the bill reflected nothing of those things we ordered but for the number of items ordered.The bill showed one musambi juice,a fruit salad with ice cream and a pomegranate juice and it was for two hundred and five rupees(Rs.205).I for a second thought that the price might be the same and due to some technical difficulties they might have done so.So i decided to check the menu for the price and found there to be a difference.Then i pointed out the same to the person who presented the bill considering that the bill was presented at the wrong table.But to my astonishment he manually corrected the bill and now it came to one hundred and eighty five rupees (Rs.185)
I sensed that something fishy was happening and i demanded a printed bill for the things i ate or otherwise i denied to pay anything which was then duly presented.Then not figuring out what exactly was happening i complained the incident to the hotel manager and left the scene.

In hindsight i understood that

1)The bill for Rs.205 first given to me was left behind by an earlier customer who would have made the payment and failed to take the bill with him.
2)The waiters in the AC section were saving that left behind bills and presenting the same to the new customers.People who are ignorant of the particulars of the bill will be concerned only about the total and will pay it without any second-thoughts which went straight to the pocket of the waiters and not the hotel cashier.

So friends when you check into a hotel next time and pay for the bill take care to stick to these points

1)Check for the time and date in the bill if it is electronically generated.
2)Check for the list of items ordered and count and make sure you are paying for what you are eating.
3)Check the menu to find any discrepancies in the rate provided in the bill.
4)Take the bill with you when you leave the table so that you don't end up playing a part in making another person fool inadvertently.

This is the second instance that its happening with me and seems pretty prevalent in the city lately.

Don't be ignorant, for being educated is far more important than to be a literate.I like to thank Suresh my senior colleague here for i took the habit of checking the bill from him.

And for people like me who don't really care to pay the bill, being an educated or a literate doesn't really matter ;)